” New website i…

” New website is on its way, stay tuned”


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  1. Hello Petra, I have just contacted BUFF UK for sponsorship and they told me you are a keen Telemark Skier – I live in Chamonix during the winter, let me know if you ever want to meet up for a session. Congratulations on such a successful career as an athlete.

    1. Hi

      Thanks for the mail. My new website http://www.petrawiltshire.co.uk is almost finished so this will be getting updated a lot more than this blog now! That would be awesome to telemark with someone else. I do not have anyone this side who really tele’s. do you ever come over to the Portes du Soleil? Likewise I have some great mates who teach in Verbier and are awesome on tele’s too. Would be good to get a crowd together one day next season.

      Good Luck with Buff UK, they are a great company to work with. Go to the other site and take a look, drop me a mail with your email and I will ping mine back. Likewise if you fancy some mountain biking this summer come on over!

      Best wishes and good luck with the Telemark racing. Next season I would love to do the Champs in January.

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