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May 2012

Starting to get the buzz back!

Its hard to get out on the bike after a full day working – especially hard manual work like Gardening!!! But it all comes together and gives me a big smile once I settle in and start turning the pedals. I push a lawn mower up and down slopes all day most days and now fit the bike training inbetween cuts! I definitely feel like the ride is tougher but the benefits are greater. I appreciate the quietness of the mountain after the howl of the strimmer! I love the freedom and being alone too after work mates and being at one with the world.

Yesterday I went out to climb, on my way up to BarmeImage I discovered a new climb up towards Signal du Bonavaux. I noticed a small track off my normal ride and decided to investigate further. It began steeply and I was concerened it maybe like this all the way. After a short push up through the trees I discovered a steady inclining gravel road (Top of the Granny ring incline!)


Well as I arrived at each hairpin I decided to go another and another and another for 7 kms! the ride and views and tranquility were breathtaking. I took a short rest at the end of the track and noticed a footpath descending back through the trees. Amazingly tech and to die for. I had to dismount on a few really exposed tight corners but it was worth it and the tough day at the coal face paled into insignificance. The smile was a mile ride and has given me the riding buzz back! Tomorrow more of the same and the future too please…

Bikes sorted and a few days with Diva Descent girlies in June

Busy couple of days, good news that I have a Freeride/Enduro/AM stylee frame for the season. SRAM have once again come up trumps and latest bling X-X and X-O, Avid and Rock Shox will be dripping off a Nuke Proof Mega.

Other exciting stuff is a few days with Sarah and the girls on the Diva Descent Holiday in Morzine. I hope to spend a few days with the group blasting round Morzine and Les Gets, offering some coaching tips and more importantly showing the gals how to have a ball on their bikes. At the end of the day, fun is the name of the game and I am really excited to be involved with them.

I have a busy weekend at the Passport du Soleil and then its prep for the Mountain of hell and mega….Fun times ahead

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