Tough times result in getting yourself tougher to deal….

Well, where to start? Its been an unreal winter really. Endless snow, fantastic skiing and more powder days than I have fingers and toes! The school has been quite busy and had enough teaching to survive topped up with chalet cleaning and odd jobs. However, this winter has been strange really. It was the first winter season I had begun with the knowledge that I had bike sponsorship all sorted before the short days and dark nights…October to be exact. No late nights writing CVs to teams and letters extolling the benefits of support. I had everything in place. Bikes for 2012 season and support from a leading bike manufacturer. The bikes were my dream bikes too which added to my winter complacency.

The snow has been unending and as a consequence I was happy to hold on to mails asking for the bikes to be dispatched. I did not fancy new rigs in deep snow and icy roads. Alas a coupke of weeks ago the sun started to make an appearance and the valley started to dry out. The first world cup wetted my appetite for two wheels and dirt, with this spark of enthusiasm awoken I sent an email asking when I could get back to get the bikes sorted. Horror, things had changed and my link within the company and left….aaaaagh! No bikes for me apparently and none that could be allocated at this late stage. Buggaration and bollocks!!!! The relaxed winter came back to bite me on the bum…

SRAM were still all on board however and ready to provide all the necessary bits to hang on a bike…Alas no bike to hang it on. I spent a frantic fortnight sending letters, emails, phone calls to every contact I knew with no luck. “Current tough economic climate, late to be asking etc etc etc”. 

As things stand now I am high and dry and very bikeless! More bikes pass me daily in the village and on the mountain and I feel more and more frantic. I await emails daily and hope that I can secure any sort of deal soon. I really am at the point where I will just take an xc enduro frame and forgo my love of Downhill racing for a season. I hoped to race the Worlds again this year and European Champs, now its going to have to be 2013. 

My guiding starts in June so I hope I can sort something by then. I really want to race enduro this year and desperatley want to win the masters cat at the mega this year. I am sure there is something good around the corner.


Big big thanks to my current sponsors for 2012 for standing by me:- SRAM, Rock Shox, Avid, Truvativ, Intrepid Aparrel, Blue Grass, Buff, Mulebar.

ImageYoYomping to stay fit!


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