Snow is here at last and missing the bikes already!

Its strange, normally when the snow arrives I pack the bikes away and do not give them much though until late february when I begin training. This year has been a little different and I have being trying to put my finger on the reason. Maybe its been because the weather has been so dry and clear when normally, the Autumn here in the Alps is wet and cold – Not condusive to riding after a long bike season! Or maybe its my age and knowing the older I become the less easy it will become to stay fit, fast and sponsored?

It could just be that I am more in love with riding now than I have been ever? I get down when I do not have a bike at my disposal. Its not that I need to ride it all the time, its merely knowing that I can when I want to! Now my lovely Rocky Mountain Bikes are going home to new owners and I am completely at a loss. I do not have the time to ride with training for the ski season, chalet preparation and general jobs that need to be done with the arrival of snow. However, now there are no bikes I am convinced that I could make time to ride!!! No logic but I feel very disturbed by the lack of bike in my storeroom. Its like something has been stolen from my life and I am without a best friend…..

Hey Ho the sponsorship requests have been sent and I am checking my emails hundreds of times a day in the hope that someone will respond positively.

Today was the second day of ski school training. My legs have been cooked beyond belief. I thought I was fit and the last month I have done some serious leg sessions and plyometric work at the gym. This has not helped one i-ota!!!!! My shins are killing me and knees crying out to stop the pain. I hope the days get better, although as I sit here and write this, I am not so sure!

More of the same this week and hopefully some more BlueSky Tele Days like this!!!


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