I did an interview at the beginning of last season about riding, racing and getting old as a professional sports person. It featured in the Guardian on Sunday Newspaper and on pedalfeet a blog for the Guardian online cycle section. I like the interview, all of it is as true now as it was 12 months ago.

I still love bikes, riding and racing! If I won the lottery or found a wad of cash I would race as much of the time as possible. Not just to be successful, but more importantly to feel happy. I love racing as it allows me to travel, meet new people, old friends, overcome fears and put the biggest smile on my face. I cannot survive without competition for too long and crave the excitement on a daily basis. The ski season brings the occasional telemark race, but when all said and done I need my bike and a taped course, the fear and the starting beeps……! Roll on 2012 you cannot come quick enough…..

The interview:- http://pedalfeet.blogspot.com/2010/04/interview-petra-kick-ass-very-politely.html