Need to race…..

I did an interview at the beginning of last season about riding, racing and getting old as a professional sports person. It featured in the Guardian on Sunday Newspaper and on pedalfeet a blog for the Guardian online cycle section. I like the interview, all of it is as true now as it was 12 months ago.

I still love bikes, riding and racing! If I won the lottery or found a wad of cash I would race as much of the time as possible. Not just to be successful, but more importantly to feel happy. I love racing as it allows me to travel, meet new people, old friends, overcome fears and put the biggest smile on my face. I cannot survive without competition for too long and crave the excitement on a daily basis. The ski season brings the occasional telemark race, but when all said and done I need my bike and a taped course, the fear and the starting beeps……! Roll on 2012 you cannot come quick enough…..

The interview:-


One Reply to “Need to race…..”

  1. Hi Pee

    Very nicely written. I think you’ve touched on something here that a lot of people will relate to.

    As you know my grandmother Lilly raced nearly all her life til she was 75, so you’ve got plenty of time! now 87 although she still gets out 3 or 4 times a week. She still says til this day, that she still misses the adrenaline rush of racing and charging toward a finish line at full speed.

    Long live racing

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