2011 Season over and 2012 on the horizon..

Well, its definitely now time to get back in the gym and starting my training in preparation for a good 2012 race season. Plenty of time over the last few weeks to plan for next year, learn from this year and where I can be and what I can achieve in 2012. I have been racing for almost fifteen years and involved in professional sports for over twenty. My career as a international hockey player seems a distant past now, but my experiences with training, team work and goal setting have certainly paved the way for my biking career. I am certainly getting into the twilight years now, and some day I will have to hang up the pedals and pack away the bodyarmour…But for the here and now I want to still race and get better! I know I can and thats why I have set myself goals which I need to see me through the winter months.


1. To still be fast on a bike down a hill = Gym work and miles on the bike
2. To be a World Champion for the fourth time = Sponsorship and funding
3. Represent Great Britain = Culmination of 1 & 2
4. Represent all my sponsors and supporters = 1,2 & 3
5. Race a season of Enduro Downhill

I hope to get away in January to Tenerife, escape the snow and do some quality riding and training. This in conjunction with Lavatraks MTB Camps, who are hosting some womens rider camps. Jess Stone and I have been asked to coach there…Cannot think of a better place to be in the gloomy months!

Also hope that Champéry Commune and the Palladium will support me again like in 2010/11 and allow me to use the sports facilities in the Palladium. The facilities for a small village are terrific and certainly allow me to train well when its covered in snow outside and impossible to ride here in the mountains.

Starting to get excited about the pain of training..perverse I know!


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