Mega adventure episode 2 with Passport!

Almost home from Passport du Soleil...6 hours in the saddle!

With the Singapore Bike Hash troops all in place and bikes readied…They took on the infamous Passport du Soleil….a 123km lift assisted route around the PdS with varying levels of difficulty and a real cross section of riders from all around the world. This year the expo area was hosted by Les Gets with new bikes and equipment from all the major industry players.

The group all managed to complete the route with minimal problems! After this epic journey we had a nice gentle “ish” day road climbing to Barme. A real leg loosener!

Rest stop at Cantine du Barme

The rest of the week saw the group take in an epic mountain adevnture with Thierry `Mountain Goat`Favre up under the Dents du Midi, a freeride day in Morgins and Gravity Day in Chatel Bike Park. They all loved the area and I think I even had a few Downhill converts by the end of the week.

So, with the Singapore Bike Hash folks safely through the week and bike bags packed…. It was off to attempt to complete my 7th Megavalanche!


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