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June 2011

Long time away from the Blog…Promise a big Blog update soon!

Wow, the last ten days have been a tad hectic (All in a good sense) I have been mainly riding the Rocky Mountain Bikes and having a blast with the Guys and Gals from the Singapore Bike Hash, Pat Fitzpatrick -bike Guru from Australia and Wade of Cycle Tips Blog fame. My full length Blog will go into depth on the who’s and where’s.

It’s been lots of climbing and fun all round. The Passport du Soleil was last weekend and a ball. I managed to crash myself stupid on the first day but all fine. Graphic bruise pics in the pipeline! In between riding I have been madly gardening and trying to get a handle on the jungle proportions of some of the gardens I look after between guiding and racing.

Next week is the highlight of Enduro racing… the Megavalanche! I will try and do updates daily next week.

So sorry this is short and promise more padded Blog soon…..

Les gets for DH fun tomorrow

Yippee after days of rain, snow and no riding as it was too bloody miserable by half, I am off for some DH fun and games in Les gets. Lots of new tracks have been built under the Chavanne chair and Nauchets chair. From the pics online everywhere, it looks awesome. Jens the big German! Set up my bikes today, just missing two M5 bolts for my sram matchmakers and all good to go on the slayer. The Flatline is kitted out fully now with Rock Shox Boxxer WC`s and SRAM and Avid goodies. Need to get her set up tomorrow, not too sure the spring is too soft. Also dial in the settings on the Boxxers too.

Going to spend the night with Flow MTB and then ride some XC routes on saturday. More news soon x x

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