First day back in the hills

Well back after the quick trip home to the UK. Bought myself a little Garmin gadget to record rides and data. This is quite cool as you can also see the route in 3D if you go to the page. It was just a quick forest road ride on my Slayer as a test to see how far the fitness had dropped off after twelve days rest and how th box of tricks worked….Not so bad. Backside was the part of the anatomy moaning, but think thats just a saddle angle issue!

Well, its pouring down as I write this. The day started off with ominous big black cloudsat one end of the valley and blue sky and sun in the other. Miss Champery was being held and guess by now, the contestants will be wet and miserable for judging! (Miss Champery is the prettiest milk cow competition!).

I am now playing with downloading route data and mailing. The guys with Pats trip are all keen to have data on the weeks activities and rides, hopefully this data might wet a few appetites in the coming weeks before they arrive!

<a href="http://A ride mapped on 05/14/2011 and more rides in Champéry, Switzerland on MapMyRIDE. Find ride ” title=”Little Champery loop ride”>

Off on a big ride which I plan to take the group on during their stay in Champéry tomorrow. Hopefully some 3d pics and route images will follow….Happy riding and here is hoping the sun comes back to play tomorrow.


One Reply to “First day back in the hills”

  1. Hi Petra,
    I’m a teacher at Oakfield school in Frome and was wondering if you would be able to come into school and talk to the year 6 pupils about how you got into mountain biking and a bit about it. If so, could you please contact me at the school so we can arrange a date and time. If I’m unavailable, please leave a contact phone number so I can get back to you.
    Mrs. Hayley Hornby (01373 462539/ 463832)

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