Uk with hurry worry tours!!!!

Quick trip back to the UK, too much to do and very little time. All quite tricky without a car. Sadly had to leave the bikes in Champery for the 10 days, so no miles pedalling and the fitness will be sliding. Especially after big breakfasts, cider, beer and all the things you miss when you are away! Have got a little box of tricks though for my return to the mountains. I have got a little Garmin Gps for the bikes. It will help with the guiding, track my routes and be a good download for clients at the end of the day. I want to be able to print journeys out along with overlaid info and put it all onto waterproof paper which I have found.

I am picking up some lovely Rukkus Clothing today, so will be kitted out in great looking sweat and T shirts this summer. My SRAM and avid stuff also arrived and Rock Shox forks are enroute. Weather has been good but missing the mountains and quietness already. When I get back the guiding prep starts in ernest, lots of miles, route planning and bike prep. Planning a trip ridingin Italy then the first clients arrive and the season kicks off. All exciting. Bit annoyed that I have let my UCI points slip as fancied a bash at the Fort William World Cup in June. Quick phone call needed to see if there is any chance .


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