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May 2011

Miles are stacking up and climbs slowly getting easier….ish!

Well, since getting back from the UK the weather has been what can only described as variable…..Snow, Wind, Rain and 32 degrees sun! I have been rather selective in my rides, choosing the best weather windows -Either snow or 32 degrees it seems! Rubbish, I get out and it pours down after two turns of the pedals, or suddenly the clouds disperse and the sun has blazed down on me….Turning my legs into something similiar to the tan lines sported in the GIro….Farmers tan I prefer to call it!
I have been going up most days, Champéry is stuck at the end of a steep sided valley, so its really up or down, if you go down first you only have to pedal back up again…I prefer the up first! The climbs are listed on my Map my Ride routes as H or H1 these make roadies tackling the Tour du France huff and puff abit too! I would like to stay I spin out with some finesse, alas there is a lot of sweating, huffing, puffing and granny ring grinding in a search for an ever easier gear! I fear I will never be able to ascend with ease or any speed. Clients may have to rest at the summit and wait for me to arrive…I will always have a smile though!

Today its pouring down, so I am catching up on admin things, hoping that it will stop and I can get out at some point. The bikes are all being swapped to Rock Shox, Sram, Avid components in the next few days. I have Lyrics for the RM Slayer and World Cup Boxxers for the Flatline. New SRAM X-O 10 speed gears and Avid Elixir CR brakes for both bikes. Cannot wait to test them out this weekend in Les Gets. I plan to stay with Flow MTB in Morzine and spend two or three days really getting the bikes dialled in for the season. There are so many new tracks over there, its going to be an ideal opportunity to also scope new routes for my clients and guiding generally. Morgins is also open, although with this rain, I fear inside the forest maybe a little greasy for a first outing! They have also just built a Junior park for kids which sounds fantastic.

I am planning a short trip to Finale Ligura in Italy next week. I should take the bikes, but am going for some pre season R&R and climbing. Then the season starts and the first race in La Bresse on the 17th its the Nissan European Downhill Cup, and great prep for the World Cup there in a couple of months. I can see how far I am off the pace and whether its worth chasing UCI points to compete in Val di Sole and La Bresse. I then have two weeks guiding XC and then off to the Megavalanche in Alpe D`Huez. I should have the fitness and am hoping to get a good result there.

So, better get a wriggle on and unpack the wet ride gear… Looks like no let up in the rain just yet!

Happy riding wherever you are…Thanks Chris Sports, SRAM, Rukkus, MuleBar, Buff, BN3,Boutique 90 Champery, Silverfish UK, Sealskinz

Rain in those them hills…..

Been riding and gardening and riding some more…..Avoiding the thunderstorms has been main objective. Its that time of the year when its hot and then the moisture gets all sucked up only to throw it all back down each afternoon with the odd clap of thunder thrown in for good measure! Look at these bad boys from Silverfish in the UK They are the importers of Rocky Mountain and Evoc amongst other things…

World class kit bag and Guiding Rucksac. Its the EVOC 20 Freeride Trail model with a great internal back protector built in. Loads of room and very comfortable to ride in.

First day back in the hills

Well back after the quick trip home to the UK. Bought myself a little Garmin gadget to record rides and data. This is quite cool as you can also see the route in 3D if you go to the page. It was just a quick forest road ride on my Slayer as a test to see how far the fitness had dropped off after twelve days rest and how th box of tricks worked….Not so bad. Backside was the part of the anatomy moaning, but think thats just a saddle angle issue!

Well, its pouring down as I write this. The day started off with ominous big black cloudsat one end of the valley and blue sky and sun in the other. Miss Champery was being held and guess by now, the contestants will be wet and miserable for judging! (Miss Champery is the prettiest milk cow competition!).

I am now playing with downloading route data and mailing. The guys with Pats trip are all keen to have data on the weeks activities and rides, hopefully this data might wet a few appetites in the coming weeks before they arrive!

<a href="http://A ride mapped on 05/14/2011 and more rides in Champéry, Switzerland on MapMyRIDE. Find ride ” title=”Little Champery loop ride”>

Off on a big ride which I plan to take the group on during their stay in Champéry tomorrow. Hopefully some 3d pics and route images will follow….Happy riding and here is hoping the sun comes back to play tomorrow.

Uk with hurry worry tours!!!!

Quick trip back to the UK, too much to do and very little time. All quite tricky without a car. Sadly had to leave the bikes in Champery for the 10 days, so no miles pedalling and the fitness will be sliding. Especially after big breakfasts, cider, beer and all the things you miss when you are away! Have got a little box of tricks though for my return to the mountains. I have got a little Garmin Gps for the bikes. It will help with the guiding, track my routes and be a good download for clients at the end of the day. I want to be able to print journeys out along with overlaid info and put it all onto waterproof paper which I have found.

I am picking up some lovely Rukkus Clothing today, so will be kitted out in great looking sweat and T shirts this summer. My SRAM and avid stuff also arrived and Rock Shox forks are enroute. Weather has been good but missing the mountains and quietness already. When I get back the guiding prep starts in ernest, lots of miles, route planning and bike prep. Planning a trip ridingin Italy then the first clients arrive and the season kicks off. All exciting. Bit annoyed that I have let my UCI points slip as fancied a bash at the Fort William World Cup in June. Quick phone call needed to see if there is any chance .

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