Over 2000 m climbed

Phew a heavy week getting the miles up hill in rather than down! List of serious XC bookings have come in for guiding in June and trying to get the engine fit! It’s certainly coming with lots of miles up under the belt! The Rocky Mountain Slayer is a climbing weapon for sure, I just need to do the bike justice with more fitness!

I am now testing some Giro kit, shoes and new Xen helmet. Both are great and doing well with my abuse!

Sealskinz socks have come onto their element In the last few days with mud and rain too. I am planning on logging my miles and clients with a new Garmin Edge. Think it will be a great tool to map rides, profiles and as a security when the weather turns bad and we need to escape off the mountain quickly and safely- plus everyone wants to know max speed!!


One Reply to “Over 2000 m climbed”

  1. 2000m are we talking in one day? or over the week haha.
    Good to hear your giving the cardio a work out, look out when we see you in June, you’ll ride the wheels off us all 😉
    We dept tonight 2.30am then at Giro til end of May.
    Looking forward to some Champery time already
    see you soon

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