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January 2011

Getting there…

Things are finally coming together for the summer season. The deal is now sorted with Chris Sports who are the Swiss importers of Rocky Mountain Bikes, Giro, Race Face, Pearl Izumi, Blackburn etc etc. They are kitting me out with two race bikes :- A Rocky Mountain Flatline WC and Slayer 70 with all the latest bling bits from Race Face, SRAM, Avid, Rock Shox and Truvativ. Buff will be giving me their help again this season after all most 12 years with them! Mule Bar will be keeping me fuelled and Rukkus helping me stay warm and cool in their Hoodies and T`s , of the bestest quality!!!!

These bikes will be my tools this summer for both guiding and racing. I plan to do the Megavalanche, IXS European Cup and Championships, Enduro DH Series and hopefully if I can find some financial support I will try to get to Brazil in July to try to hold onto my World Title. There are bound to be other races along the way….One I really want to make is the Infamous Cobble Wobble in my home town of Frome!!!! I have to get my costume ready!

It’s exciting to have everything in place at last….Been a tough few weeks getting stuff sorted! Now I have the Rocky Mountain Product launch in Finale Ligura, Italy to look forward to. Tough few days riding awesome bikes on awesome trails finishing on the mediterranean shoreline! Should be a hoot and cannot wait to get back on the bike! But, for now its boiler plate hard snow and ice to contend with and nervous beginners to help down the slopes!


Byeee x


A Rukkus of a week!

Wow, just when I was settling into the ski season and the Mountain Bike season seems a dim, distant memory…..When wam, bam wollop…I am back on a bike! It all began last year with a chance hook up on Facebook with an old school friend, Darrell Thatcher and fellow hockey player S-J White. Darrell was in the early stages of launching a new clothing line and S-J`s company (White Space Productions) had been seconded to market and promote Darrells company. To cut a very long story short, I was asked if I would like to be involved in promotion of the brand..Rukkus.. I liked the concept, the guys and the way Darrell and S-J were going about promoting the business. Well, fast forward a few months and S-J and fellow cameraman, Tom Vaux were sent to sleepy Champéry to get some ski and bike footage for the launch.


The weather gods were certainly not playing ball however. Weeks of hot sun and minimal snow had left the mountains pretty bare. The pistes were brown and not looking very photogenic! S-J and Tom however were completely pro and very positive. We managed a few hours filming on the first day on the snow on skis, despite the light being extremely flat and overcast. Day two was a blow out, no vis, mist and greyness. Lots of stills and a decision to go to the forest in the village and get some bike shots……Rocky Mountain have kindly loaned me a 2010 World Cup Flatline…Slight fly in the ointment however was its a large and brakes wrong way around… Bit of a recipe for disaster when I have not ridden for 5 months! Needless to say I bit the rock when I overcooked a greasy rocky corner, right in front of the rolling cameras! Lovely over the bars eject after hastily grabbing the wrong brake!!!! I was not amused and fearful of any damage to the loan rig! fortunately the bike was unharmed and only my confidence was bruised! Not a good afternoon and I have to say I felt like a complete novice!

Next day we had a short window of blue skies and did some bike on snow filming. A night of dreaming about bikes and brakes meant I was really on form….Think the snow was far easier to ride fast on than I had remembered! Maybe this bodes well for the Megavalanche???

The weather then deteriorated and we called it a day. Some chatting to the camera and more stills followed, along with a rather precipitous climb onto a rocky cornice for some more mug shots with the bike….Glad SJ did not see the drop behind!

Anyway, despite the weather the Whitepsace team did a monumental job in tough conditions. I am sure they have got some terrific footage and they have definitely scored a hit with lots of the locals! Whilst the work finished for me, SJ and Tom now have to continue going through millions of pics and hours of footage trying to find something where I am not blinking and the Rukkus Logo is clear to see. Their task is unenviable and I am very lucky to be here in Champery still! In the next few weeks Rukkus Clothing Company will go live… Keep your eyes peeled and become a follower on FB, or look out for further posts. I may have a new uber cool website soon too, so keep a look out! Happy Days and thanks again to Rukkus Clothing and Whitespace Productions

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