Practice and beach

Wow, its certainly an amazing race venue… Finish line on the beach, gondola over the sea and riding through rain forest amongst the parrots and humming birds! The bikes even get lowered from the lift station to the start by zip wire!

The track is one of the most physical I have ridden, just no let up. Everything is on you in a flash. One small mistake is costly as you need to carry lots of speed all the time to clear boulders and jumps. There seems to be a crazy amount of pedalling too. I managed to clear the big finish jump after gentle persuasion from Neil Wilson. He promised it was a doddle and I managed it three times. I will not admit I enjoy it but its the biggest thing I have ever jumped!

The locals are so friendly and everyone chats and tries their best to communicate, even if I cannot speak Portuguese and they cannot speak any English!

Today is seeding. I am just going to do one practice run and then seeding. Nice a smooth and just hit all my lines.

Cannot believe I only have two days here left. Its flown by and this time tomorrow I will be preparing to race then rushing to the hotel to pack!


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