Made it to the Airport finally and now on my way!

After a rather hectic run to Germany for Eurobike and a round Europe route to get back to Blighty I have finally checked in at Heathrow. The bike is on the underground conveyor belts along with my bags and I just hope it makes it to firstly the right continent and secondly to Brazil if possible! I am stocked up with Buffs and Mule Bars and Sram spares to help me on my way! Even gave aMule Bar to a very sad beggar outside the Bus Station… Hope he enjoys it and it helps him a little.

I am now just winding down a little as its quite stressful day trying to persuade National Express Bus Drivers and Airline staff that its only a push bike and “Its really light!!”  Only got stung in the end for £10 excess and that was from Swindon to London…Ironic that got it on a 12 hour flight with out a snag! Its amazing how I can deftly lift the bike up in its bag and pretend its only 15kg!!!! Whilst perspiring like crazy and very nearly herniating every disc in my spine.

I have 3 hours to waste now and try and find fellow racer Jamie Mart. Then its 12 hours down to Sao Paulo and 6 hours stop over including a one hour bus ride across town to another airport. Then on down south to Navagantes and the race in Balneario Camborui.

Will try and get some shots and pop some on the Blog tomorrow when I arrive.

Pee x


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