Brazil is booked!

Its official I am now definitely skint and going to the Brazil World Masters Championships in exactly two weeks and counting! The plane (or tin can) as it was the cheap end of flights is taking me via all sorts of strange sounding airports and a 6 hour change in San Paulo… I have six hours to get me, luggage , bike and passport from main airport across town to domestic one….Could be interesting!

My sponsors have been awesome…MULE BAR and BUFF have come up with some cash and product to help me get the rainbow. With out these great companies I would not be able to go… Thanks guys. Scott have supported with bikes this season and BN3 have worked hard to get me from A to B and back again without losing, breaking and leaving too much destruction in my wake.

I now have two ish weeks to raise more pennies to pay for my accomodation and sandwiches whilst there on my 6 day mini break! The bike still needs some love along with rather essential items like cranks, bottom bracket and seat post!

I aim to be sorted and leave updates on here regularly!

Happy riding wherever you are x


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