From sun & surf to mountains, mud and rain!

Well I have been in Portugal for the end of season R & R. It certainly was not that though! We drove down to Peniche and stayed in a fantastic apartment with Silver-coast apartments and Cai and Nikki. The place was awesome and I thoroughly recommend anyone to stay with these guys. Ten minutes walk from breathtaking deserted sandy coves. See pic!

Then each day I went to surf school with Tribo-du- mar School.. Fantastic fun and bloody hard work! I had gone with my Scott Gambler full of good intentions…..A day surfing put pay to too many training rides! The sea was blue and the sun shone the whole time. A few days were a bit flat but others were simply splendid.

Back to Champery where the sun shone for about three days and then since its been misty, cold and wet! The Scott Voltage is now built, although I am waiting for a lighter spring and headset angle reducer from K9. This should make the bike more of a dh beats rather than a slopestyle ride.

As I write this, it’s pouring. I cannot face going on the bike today. Each day means muddy bikes, muddy kit, wet feet and constantly wet shoes!!!


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