Snotty four year olds and lots of powder!

Wow first time for everything…I got bitten by a client I was trying to teach today! The nameless four year old felt partial to firstly kicking me in his steadfast refusal to ski. Then when unceremoniously carried down the mountain between my skis he decided to take a bite out of my gloved hand! Itsbeen a tough two days persuading him that skiing REALLY is fun!

On a more fun note, its been snowing like crazy here….Mad for April and sad for those of us trying to get that all important end of season tan! On the other hand its grea for skiing in and very good for giving the body a good workout!

The bikes are still lonely in the storeroom and not really turned a wheel in anyway shape or form yet! Bits for the DH Voltage should arrive next week and will get it built up asap. Vincent the garden Gnome is not enjoying all the April snowfall!

The new Ransom 10ltd

Ransom 10 ltd

Oh well back to it….skis to dry, boots to wax and beer to drink!


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