Snow, snow, wobbly knees and a new bike called Kermit

Its snowing again…Gets a bit boring after a while, but hey I guess thats what you get when you live in a ski resort! The work is certainly not coming as thick and fast as the snow though. The Ski School (Freeride Company) are very quiet with not much in the way of lessons being booked. Not good for us instructors!

In one way though there is some positives, my wobbly knee gets a bit of time to recover before the half term February madness. I have an MRi tomorrow to see what the problem is, I hope its not anything too serious and I can carry on skiing until April. Its would be nice if they could just identify the strange click I have when I walk downhill!!!!

My freeride bike has just arrived from Scott. Its a carbon Ransom 10 in snot green!! Its a great bit of kit with lots of the nice bling bits, Hammerschmidt, Sram X-O etc etc! I have named him Kermit. My Voltage 10 should land any day too, although there are huge demands and fearing that I may only get a frame for the time being!!!

Hey ho just going to have to beg borrow and steal things to hang on it! I am trying to work out the logistics of getting another rainbow jersey this season. The down point is the Worlds are in Brazil and my pot is very dry, piggy has nowt in the bank! Fund raising tips appreciated!!!!


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