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January 2010

Snow, snow, wobbly knees and a new bike called Kermit

Its snowing again…Gets a bit boring after a while, but hey I guess thats what you get when you live in a ski resort! The work is certainly not coming as thick and fast as the snow though. The Ski School (Freeride Company) are very quiet with not much in the way of lessons being booked. Not good for us instructors!

In one way though there is some positives, my wobbly knee gets a bit of time to recover before the half term February madness. I have an MRi tomorrow to see what the problem is, I hope its not anything too serious and I can carry on skiing until April. Its would be nice if they could just identify the strange click I have when I walk downhill!!!!

My freeride bike has just arrived from Scott. Its a carbon Ransom 10 in snot green!! Its a great bit of kit with lots of the nice bling bits, Hammerschmidt, Sram X-O etc etc! I have named him Kermit. My Voltage 10 should land any day too, although there are huge demands and fearing that I may only get a frame for the time being!!!

Hey ho just going to have to beg borrow and steal things to hang on it! I am trying to work out the logistics of getting another rainbow jersey this season. The down point is the Worlds are in Brazil and my pot is very dry, piggy has nowt in the bank! Fund raising tips appreciated!!!!

Lots of snow and a snow clearing weapon of mass destruction!

I killed Rudolph…Its official! What with all this snow I thought it was about time to clear paths, patio, drives and verandas for us and the neighbouring chalets.  I sparked up the trusty snow blower and set to in earnest! 20cm of fresh white stuff to clear! In my haste I neglected to spot the electrical cable coming from the wall across the path to the garden…I drive over it and Rudolph starts to slide towards me and my machine at an alarming rate of knots! I need to let readers know at this point that Rudolph is an illuminated Xmas reindeer  in all his glory at 3ft high! I cut the machine just in time, or else Rudolph would have been munched along with 20ft of cable which was entwined around my machine rotor!!!

AAAAAAAggggghhhh! I was horrified that my neighbours were viewing this whole nightmare whilst eating their corn flakes sat looking through the patio windows at me!!!

After two hours of untangling and repairing my machine, claiming new flex for Rudolph and consoling the neighbours I managed to get up the mountain and teach!

Future snow clearing exercises are now undertaken with extreme caution….Children and animals are not allowed within 50 ft of me whilst driving the beast!!! Snow is cleared and utter caution at all time…In fact I now use the shovel when in doubt!!!

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