My new Scott Rosa Telemark Skis and O2 Black Diamond Bindings

These are my awesome new Scott Rosa Tele skis…..Lovely and very bling. The season has started with a splutter and cough rather than a big bang! The weather has played a huge part in lack of continuous skiing. One day sunny and hot, another raining and another minus 27 degrees! I had  stinker of a cold which arrived on Christmas Day and has knocked me sideways eversince. The new skins I receieved to hike up the hill have not had much use yet!

The new contract has arrived, been duly signed and sent back to Scott for the 2010 season, so I am waiting for the bikes and kits to land any day!

Just finished teaching four beginners and now the snow is falling ligtly as I type this….Could be fun tomorrow making racing snow ploughs in the powder!


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  1. Hey Petra!
    Feel kind of famous now we have been mentioned on your blog! Had an amazing last afternoon after we met you… made it into France and then accidentally skied a BLACK! Boys said it had been upgraded from a red because of the bumps but it felt pretty freaky to us! Also did a really scary downhill, full out to get up the other side at one point. Rosie was fearless so the grown ups didn’t feel we could chicken out! Thanks so much for you help – we have al had sooo much fun and the bruises will remind us of our spills for a few days yet. Have a great 2010 – we’ll be keeping our eyes on you! Helen, Ems and Rosie xxx

    1. Hey Great To Hear From You!

      Hope you arrived safely home? The snow has not stopped since you left! I am resting my legs for a few days this week! Heading over to the UK on Weds to see my Dad as he is in the UK for a short while then back for skiing on Monday! Glad you conquered a black…..Anything will seem a doddle now! Bruises will heal too! Hope you can visit again next year or make a summer visit for some biking perhaps?

      Best wishes


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