My new Scott Rosa Telemark Skis and O2 Black Diamond Bindings

These are my awesome new Scott Rosa Tele skis…..Lovely and very bling. The season has started with a splutter and cough rather than a big bang! The weather has played a huge part in lack of continuous skiing. One day sunny and hot, another raining and another minus 27 degrees! I had  stinker of a cold which arrived on Christmas Day and has knocked me sideways eversince. The new skins I receieved to hike up the hill have not had much use yet!

The new contract has arrived, been duly signed and sent back to Scott for the 2010 season, so I am waiting for the bikes and kits to land any day!

Just finished teaching four beginners and now the snow is falling ligtly as I type this….Could be fun tomorrow making racing snow ploughs in the powder!