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December 2009

My new Scott Rosa Telemark Skis and O2 Black Diamond Bindings

These are my awesome new Scott Rosa Tele skis…..Lovely and very bling. The season has started with a splutter and cough rather than a big bang! The weather has played a huge part in lack of continuous skiing. One day sunny and hot, another raining and another minus 27 degrees! I had  stinker of a cold which arrived on Christmas Day and has knocked me sideways eversince. The new skins I receieved to hike up the hill have not had much use yet!

The new contract has arrived, been duly signed and sent back to Scott for the 2010 season, so I am waiting for the bikes and kits to land any day!

Just finished teaching four beginners and now the snow is falling ligtly as I type this….Could be fun tomorrow making racing snow ploughs in the powder!

Where has all the snow gone??

Where has it gone?? One minute its there, the next minute Wham Bam Thankyou Mam its outta here!! Cannot believe its pretty green again and we have ski school training due to start tomorrow! Maybe its time to get the bikes from Scott early and do some riding to kill the boredom!

The old bikes have gone at last. One Ransom has left Swiss land to join its new owner Giles is England. The  Gambler DH has found a new life and probably bigger air than it got with me in Germany – Its new owner is a big air DH bandit!!

The new Scott Rosa Teleskis and bindings have arrived and look extremely bling, its a shame that they only got one run last weekend, I got scared about the lack of snow on the piste and propensity to hit stones and cow shit!!!

Maybe I will head of in search of snow next week…I hear Austria has more than its fair share currently! I have( in the ample spare time to hand at the moment) erected the Xmas Tree. Its a small sad little effort really, looking a bit skinny on one side and rather over indulged on the other!! Its got a definite list and looks like it was relieved to find a home this side of Boxing Day!!

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