Hail storm the size of golf balls…..

Aaaagh just home from bike ride as the forecast has been a big storm due all day. Just took my shoes off when bang, crash and smash…..Hail stones the size of golf balls travelling at a similiar velocity to a Tiger Wood drive on a Par 5!!! My garden is demolished, sunflowers ripped and herbs in disarray.

The Renault is covered in circular craters all over the roof and bonnet….Hope insuarnce covers this kind of thing? The poor cows, goats and tourists up the mountain, I hope they found somewhere to shelter?

Been guiding three novice ladies on an XC(tarmac) tour of cafes today!!! Watching tour timetrial and off to an outdoor (hmmmm?) film show tonight in the village…Just another excuse for the locals to have a drink really!


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