Half Term Chaos……From the Snow Plough Master

Its official…..Half term is not the time to strap planks on your legs and take to the slopes! Everyday, I fear my life could be taken from me by some 80s clad Parisian with 15 adolescent nutters in tow. They push in the queues, they take off down the piste with scant regard for anyone else within the vicinity and, to make matters worse….Cannot ski!!

I guess this is not strictly true…..Its not just the Parisians, it seems to be almost everyone skiing this week!! Piste manners go out the window and its a case of get down the hill as quickly as possible with as few turns as possible!

On a positive note, the snow is absolutely amazing. A fresh fall on Tuesday made for powder heaven Weds and Thurs, with cold air and blue skies. I have been snow ploughing like a Goddess of the Nursery Slope. My position and control are something to behold….! Sadly, my back and knees are paying for it now!! Too many days have been spent carrying young children up and down the mountain, skiing with them between my legs and picking them up when they eat snow!!

Next week is French and Swiss holidays, so I am digging out the back protector when venturing on the pistes and I may even be found cowering on the nursery slope at peak times!!

Happy skiing x


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