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Newer faster, better and more excited than ever with Trek

Wow it’s sort of official, I am the luckiest old girl in the world…. I am riding my favorite fast bikes of all time in 2013…..TREK Bikes!!!!

I will be updating, renovating, revamping this blog in the very near future with full bike and 2013 race and coaching plans…Hold tight and I will be back faster, smarter and stronger with all things bikey very soon and all the sponsorship low down

Diva Descent Girls Camp Morzine

Had the pleasure to teach a great group of girls last week in Morzine. They were from all corners of the UK and even Denmark! Most had ridden mountain bikes a few times, some more times and one or two even raced DH! They were taking part in a week of riding and learning to ride Downhill staying with Johno and Jill at Riders Retreat in Morzine. The chalet was excellent and right next to the Pleney lift in the centre of town. I took a day with small groups and looked at all kinds of things from staying on the bike, to braking with one or two fingers as opposed top all fingers! Lines, cornering, roots and general dh technique.

I had the best time with this group, loads of laughs and huge smiles all along the way. I think everybody had a ball and I like to think their riding improved to! Was sad to head back to Champery and leave them all behind in Morzine at the end of the week.

My awesome new Nuke Proof Mega is finally ready to roll, the Lyrics now have a softer spring and a part is now here for my reverb seat post…She is decked out with Sram X-O and looking very bling. Cannot wait to get out on the mountain on her tomorrow. I have a group from Germany that I am guiding for the next three days and also taking part in The Passportes du Soleil. Going to be a hectic few days then I open the new Crepery on Sunday!!! 

Megavalache in two week too so need to get some quality riding in before that too! Riding still gives me the biggest smile in the world!

Starting to get the buzz back!

Its hard to get out on the bike after a full day working – especially hard manual work like Gardening!!! But it all comes together and gives me a big smile once I settle in and start turning the pedals. I push a lawn mower up and down slopes all day most days and now fit the bike training inbetween cuts! I definitely feel like the ride is tougher but the benefits are greater. I appreciate the quietness of the mountain after the howl of the strimmer! I love the freedom and being alone too after work mates and being at one with the world.

Yesterday I went out to climb, on my way up to BarmeImage I discovered a new climb up towards Signal du Bonavaux. I noticed a small track off my normal ride and decided to investigate further. It began steeply and I was concerened it maybe like this all the way. After a short push up through the trees I discovered a steady inclining gravel road (Top of the Granny ring incline!)


Well as I arrived at each hairpin I decided to go another and another and another for 7 kms! the ride and views and tranquility were breathtaking. I took a short rest at the end of the track and noticed a footpath descending back through the trees. Amazingly tech and to die for. I had to dismount on a few really exposed tight corners but it was worth it and the tough day at the coal face paled into insignificance. The smile was a mile ride and has given me the riding buzz back! Tomorrow more of the same and the future too please…

Bikes sorted and a few days with Diva Descent girlies in June

Busy couple of days, good news that I have a Freeride/Enduro/AM stylee frame for the season. SRAM have once again come up trumps and latest bling X-X and X-O, Avid and Rock Shox will be dripping off a Nuke Proof Mega.

Other exciting stuff is a few days with Sarah and the girls on the Diva Descent Holiday in Morzine. I hope to spend a few days with the group blasting round Morzine and Les Gets, offering some coaching tips and more importantly showing the gals how to have a ball on their bikes. At the end of the day, fun is the name of the game and I am really excited to be involved with them.

I have a busy weekend at the Passport du Soleil and then its prep for the Mountain of hell and mega….Fun times ahead

Tough times result in getting yourself tougher to deal….

Well, where to start? Its been an unreal winter really. Endless snow, fantastic skiing and more powder days than I have fingers and toes! The school has been quite busy and had enough teaching to survive topped up with chalet cleaning and odd jobs. However, this winter has been strange really. It was the first winter season I had begun with the knowledge that I had bike sponsorship all sorted before the short days and dark nights…October to be exact. No late nights writing CVs to teams and letters extolling the benefits of support. I had everything in place. Bikes for 2012 season and support from a leading bike manufacturer. The bikes were my dream bikes too which added to my winter complacency.

The snow has been unending and as a consequence I was happy to hold on to mails asking for the bikes to be dispatched. I did not fancy new rigs in deep snow and icy roads. Alas a coupke of weeks ago the sun started to make an appearance and the valley started to dry out. The first world cup wetted my appetite for two wheels and dirt, with this spark of enthusiasm awoken I sent an email asking when I could get back to get the bikes sorted. Horror, things had changed and my link within the company and left….aaaaagh! No bikes for me apparently and none that could be allocated at this late stage. Buggaration and bollocks!!!! The relaxed winter came back to bite me on the bum…

SRAM were still all on board however and ready to provide all the necessary bits to hang on a bike…Alas no bike to hang it on. I spent a frantic fortnight sending letters, emails, phone calls to every contact I knew with no luck. “Current tough economic climate, late to be asking etc etc etc”. 

As things stand now I am high and dry and very bikeless! More bikes pass me daily in the village and on the mountain and I feel more and more frantic. I await emails daily and hope that I can secure any sort of deal soon. I really am at the point where I will just take an xc enduro frame and forgo my love of Downhill racing for a season. I hoped to race the Worlds again this year and European Champs, now its going to have to be 2013. 

My guiding starts in June so I hope I can sort something by then. I really want to race enduro this year and desperatley want to win the masters cat at the mega this year. I am sure there is something good around the corner.


Big big thanks to my current sponsors for 2012 for standing by me:- SRAM, Rock Shox, Avid, Truvativ, Intrepid Aparrel, Blue Grass, Buff, Mulebar.

ImageYoYomping to stay fit!

Snow is here at last and missing the bikes already!

Its strange, normally when the snow arrives I pack the bikes away and do not give them much though until late february when I begin training. This year has been a little different and I have being trying to put my finger on the reason. Maybe its been because the weather has been so dry and clear when normally, the Autumn here in the Alps is wet and cold – Not condusive to riding after a long bike season! Or maybe its my age and knowing the older I become the less easy it will become to stay fit, fast and sponsored?

It could just be that I am more in love with riding now than I have been ever? I get down when I do not have a bike at my disposal. Its not that I need to ride it all the time, its merely knowing that I can when I want to! Now my lovely Rocky Mountain Bikes are going home to new owners and I am completely at a loss. I do not have the time to ride with training for the ski season, chalet preparation and general jobs that need to be done with the arrival of snow. However, now there are no bikes I am convinced that I could make time to ride!!! No logic but I feel very disturbed by the lack of bike in my storeroom. Its like something has been stolen from my life and I am without a best friend…..

Hey Ho the sponsorship requests have been sent and I am checking my emails hundreds of times a day in the hope that someone will respond positively.

Today was the second day of ski school training. My legs have been cooked beyond belief. I thought I was fit and the last month I have done some serious leg sessions and plyometric work at the gym. This has not helped one i-ota!!!!! My shins are killing me and knees crying out to stop the pain. I hope the days get better, although as I sit here and write this, I am not so sure!

More of the same this week and hopefully some more BlueSky Tele Days like this!!!

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